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Hey Bob!

I've been following your presentations and have been farting around with the proposed monopole structure in 3D software (rhino 3D) and am still puzzled on the monopole vortex to a black hole/ singularity in the christ center part. I've been watching the other presentations and videos you've suggested in reply of my earlier post over here:


And I'm still not clear on how nature would get into the trouble of generating a monopole black hole singularity in order to do the transmutation structure.

In the aforementioned post I've shared a pdf illustrating the transformation of a generic magnetic field with 2 poles into a "monopole like structure" using spin dynamics and basic laws of electromagnetism alone without the need of a singularity.

1. Like a simple magnetic field it makes use of native electron spin to differentiate into two vorticular currents,

2. after "over excitation" the generic magnetic field axis splits it's separate polar currents and generates the simplest of knots.

3. by the loops of the electromagnetic current knot is a secondary field current generated accounting for the tor2 structures

4. where the loop fields and the tor2 current "intersect" there is a phase shift in the electrons making up the currents establishing either fusion or fission of any elements in the vicinity of this EM current intersection.

I have an updated 3D model of the suggested EM structure in this link. It's a small turntable animation giving an overview of the suggested structure.


- Since nature nor Amazon has singularities or black holes lying around I'm just going for the poor mans dualpole monopole structure approach ;)

- Also the Nature paper you've linked in response to the aforementioned comment described the "monopole" structure splitting up into a dual pole magnetic field as soon as the artificial magnetic field was turned off.

- The "baboon" photo of the structure shows 2 vortices in the sothic triangle disruption zone compressed and intertwined together.

- I could interpret the Egyptian sothic triangle carving as 2 polar vortices becoming one with in between them the disruption zone, which would make sense when clockwise and anticlockwise electrons have a high velocity of separation in this area in between counter-rotating polar vortices

- The nordic artwork shows the 2 snakes with both a vortex on the tail end and with secondary currents in the loops they create. The sun disks show a black and a white vortex combined into one with the black vortex having the teeth and the white having none. which could be interpreted as the black vortex consuming matter.

- The Ankh and the nordic/pict artworks show knots with things happening in their loops

It might be possible to generate a structure close to your monopole structure combining a magnetic field with extra spin and torque alone, which might be more cheaper and more efficient than getting a black hole singularity involved into the equations. From my end I'm just trying a poor mans approach to this puzzle and would love feedback on this idea. Would it hold any water (or hydrogen) or am I completely off on the wrong track?


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Hey Bob!

Thanks for the latest presentations, it's fascinating how much work you do. I've been experimenting with sleep for quite a while. I've noticed that in Feng shui sleeping with head south and feet north will make for warm feet and less brain activity. Supposedly the iron in the blood is affected by the earths magnetic field and therefore aligns from north to south when sleeping. Supposedly the north end of the body is more active than the southern end. I've been sleeping for over a decade with my head south and have no trouble sleeping at all. Sleep for 9 hours every night, proper dreaming, warm feet. But hard to say if this if because of the bed orientation.

Another really awesome experiment on sleep is Inclined bed therapy. https://inclinedbedtherapy.com/

Even the beds in the pharaoh burial chambers were in fact inclined beds. With the foot end six inches lower than the head end which is supposedly have big effects on sleep and bodily functions.


I have tried this inclined bed therapy and it makes for very lucid dreaming. It was strange to say the least.

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This is a must see for you Bob.


I believe that the content of the arks, the mana, was from the granit coffin at the creator in the pyramid.

Tommy S

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Look at the Tibetan flag.


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My experiences with diffrent directions to sleep.

When I have my head to the east or vest I have the most restfull and quiet sleep.

Best is East and E-NE.

Head north I dream alot, and more unrest.

I have not slept head south very much, because it feels like sleeping in a slope with the head down.

But it feels a litle like north (only wrong way).


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