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Interesting, as Boron is considered the most cosmic of the elements, not originating on earth but from cosmic ray spallation, and calcium is considered the most earthly element (in Biodynamics). Together it is like an elemental representation of heaven and earth.

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Hi there, thanks for the latest post.

So I'm trying to visualize the physics and motion of the "zero point" just in order to understand it a bit better. Also regarding the 2D geometry including the Sothic cone as it were. Correct me if I'm mistaken but on the end of the electromagnetic/matter/dark matter vortex structure there is a event horizon point where maximum density/energy/velocity is achieved and generates a toroidal structure.

When this toroidal structure is interrupted by matter the like aluminum sheet it leaves the jin-jang signature mark. Extracting neutrons/electrons from atomic nuclei at the positive point and depositing these neutrons/electrons into atomic nuclei on the negative point.

Link to first draft sketch of this 3D structure


So if I would try to animate the vortex part of the structure it look like this (not to scale)



I generate 3D geometry by visual programming in Rhino Grasshopper so I can make adjustments as I go along,


When I create a water vortex in a bottle the vortex changes structure going trough the aperture of the bottle opening. It explodes outward when it crosses the "event horizon" this is because of the air rushing in. So now I'm trying to figure out how the toroidal structure is generated at the end of the vortex.

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