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There is a considerable amount published on the Plasmatron from research done at US universities. Interestingly, it is a device extremely similar to the GEET, but the fokus of the research is to get rid of troublesome exhausts. And for this, a lower burn temperature, plus hydrogen in the fuel goes a very long way.

It is also (non)surprising that lowering the fuel consumption was not studied as far as I could see. And when the mechanism that is possibly behind it, they missed that altogether.

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View of toroidal field. Worth Watching.

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In rewatching those videos, I was hit with an inspiration/intuition that I will just mention in case it resonates with anyone else. If you look at my comments from a some months back I mentions some experiences with the cooling water of a rum distillation rig. When I got into distilling, I was super fastidious about watching temperature and pressure (there should be no pressure in a still) and played a lot with the cooling loop as described earlier. One thing I came to realize and which was later confirmed by experience and research was that the only temperature gauge I needed was my hand. Not just for distilling, but also the pitching of the yeast and fermentation. It is about setting up the right conditions and letting nature do its thing.

RE cooling water, I was inspired by a video of Schauberger related tech called Grander water conditioning (I think) In which a sample of conditioned or structured water passed its properties to water flowing near it. I think using "happy" cooling water imparts that happiness to the condensate in a way that might be analogous to a seed molecule causing prima materia to form into more of the seed.

When you can touch the muffler and cylinder head without being burned with the motor running you are doing something in accordance with nature. Body temp is what it is from these processes going on inside of us.

I am beginning to look at a closed circuit GEET like a resonant tank circuit with electrical and toroidal and maybe heat resonance. I feel like this could lead us to elegant and effective ways of throttling and load balancing through tuning.

The fuel/exhaust counterflow of the reactor is leveraging "thermal inertia" or whatever is behind that phenomena of hot water freezing faster.

If you could keep a system running on a completely closed circuit I bet the exhaust would be at body temp.

TIme to build and observe and report. But first will watch Sunday's caution session. I am pretty sure I know where you are going. For now I am going to fool with analogous Carnot/circuit/flow/and nucleotide diagrams to ponder what seems to be happening...

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Are you familiar with the work of Luidmila Boldyreva? She has a theory of spin supercurrent as the phenomena behind both LENR and strange radiation that appears, to my admittedly non-professional eye, to tie a lot to things together. Her article is open source; her book costs $ 100 on Amazon. So far, my curiosity has been confined to the former!

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I came across an interesting article today, may have seen it earlier, but not had an open enough mind at the time, Yet Another LENR Theory: Electron-Mediated Nuclear Reactions (EMNR) by Andrea Calaon, both as an article 1 and as a presentation 2.

The standard model is the accepted holy grail of physics, and yes, it explains a great deal of behaviours quite well, and conforms with experimental observations. And you do not challenge the faith, if you want to continue your tenure in academia. This leaves those of us that observe the results of LENR experiments, and see the changes before and after, having to explain that in standard model terms. And this is where we are laughed at, at best.

The standard model is precisely what it says, a model. It is not an explanation that describes the workings of the nucleus, simply because we can’t get at it, it is too small. Observations are always indirect. We can not measure the ’strong force’ directly, but through many indirect measurements we can add to the standard model, such that the model remains a good predictor.

LENR observers have troubles with the standard model, for instance how to get over the coulomb barrier? Why are there no neutrons? No radioactive remnants?

The author introduces a change to the standard model, namely that the nucleus is held together by magnetic attraction instead of the strong force, which in the LENR field aligns better with experiments. And additionally he introduces the Hydronion, which is a helium ion and an electron rotating together. The Hydronion is much larger, electrically neutral, and the combination spans many ordinary nuclei at a radius of 386m-15, and when other suitable nuclei are within the Hydronion, they are ’embraced’ or disturbed by the electron, and perhaps persuaded to form other nuclei, fitting into smaller and stable nuclei. No need to overcome a Coulomb barrier, and for the most part, no violent breakups, e.g. no radioactivity. The excess energy is given off as ultraviolet radiation.

This seems to be a good starting point for a better understanding of LENR, which the author calls Electron-mediated Nuclear Reactions (EMNR).

And remember, that using more than one model to understand our world is not a new. Light has both particle characteristics, and wave characteristics.

And we are much better off having both models. Now, let’s get on with EMNR.

https://lenr-calaon-explanation.weebly.com/uploads/1/3/1/6/13166465/jcmns_2016_-_calaon.pdf ↩︎

(https://lenr-calaon-explanation.weebly.com/uploads/1/3/1/6/13166465/electron_mediated_nuclear_reactions.pdf) ↩︎

(Sorry for exponents, and footnotes, they did not copy well!)

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Hey Bob, I think it got missed in the livestream. I think you can up that LENR percentage. If I'm not mistaken the majority of SIO2 in the crust is in the form of Olivine a Fe and Mg both of which are also found in LENR ash. It might be worth noting.

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The evidences your are exibiting are 10 years old or more, so my point is: why the world nothing happened in all these years? What are the stopping factors? Is it a matter of up-front investments? Is it a psycological mechanism? I think that until we understand what are the "forces" or the mechanisms that prevent such inventions (by the way this one seems veeery simple to build) to go mainstream, we all are trapped in a "hedghog day" loop. If we don't find a strategy to break this glass ceiling, we (the 99%) are screwed, no matter how good the evidences are delivered.

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So excited for this one

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