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Hey Bob!

I'm watching the interview you've uploaded yesterday! Great video! I saw your lightwave model of the O structure and noticed that the plane of the toroidal moment is exactly at the golden ratio in between the top of the apple and the disruption zone sphere. (I've uploaded a jpeg to google drive)

Is this correct? or is the disruption zone sphere positioned according to an other specific ratio


btw there still are multiple O structure sacred geometry templates available at this google drive folder if anyone wants to use these. ;) Cheers! TJ


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“US Drone MQ-1C Gray Eagle”

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https://youtu.be/6GsG1KioGjg?si=HzW6BthCFZA1ISlI A number of potential craft/plasma phenomena reminiscent of what you have shown us from the bench. Cheers.

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Alright so as far as research for the MH370 video you’re gonna wanna check out Ashton Forbes’ (@justxashton on Twitter) work. He has been on a few podcasts. His MH370x team wouldn’t have this mountain of evidence connecting the videos to MH370 if it was hoaxed. We are trying to figure out the science of the propulsion/Quantum decoherence on Ashton’s discord server. We could use your input.

Are you familiar with the work of Dan Winter? He loves his fractal toroidal fields.

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Thunderstorms here small cells Temp 31.3 Celsius 23 per cent humidity. Wind changing NE to NW small 🌩 in area. Hail 20 kms away to the North. Notice small humidity aka light misty rain below lightning hit.

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please keep this one on the radar theres too much data on this to allow it to be whisked away

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I know off topic, but a pyramid 150000 years old with piping . Pipes have unidentified matters in them. Uses a salt lake for the water.

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When leaving my son’s home in StL (McDonnell Douglas/Bowing) a few years back I saw a triangular shaped craft with very similar “lights” spinning & moving in unusual patterns. The craft flew sideways down low between houses then quickly ascended vertically and at tree height it disappeared (what we would consider cloaking) several days ago he saw a different shaped craft make similar maneuvers in the same proximity... anti gravidic technology and holographic technology are far more advanced than we give credit

If extra terrestrial being’s exist, their activities would not just of recent been so evident the acceptably of open discussion by the oligarchs who’ve usurped every nation discredits these precepts

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