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there was something i read in a book i have relating to electrogravitics that makes me think that crystal with electrodes on each face, may have been an experiment to measure the relative motion of the universe, the crystal being a dectector that if measurements are fed into a fourier transform equation can give position data relative to something called "sidereal time". i need to find the book now to flesh out the details but thats the essence if it.

could also function as a position/ location detector for a spaceship.

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Hey Bob,

I am enjoying following your progress. You really should check out the carnivore diet. The stuff you had pictured for brunch will eventually cause you health problems, nasty seed oils and such!

Wishing you only the best!


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Hey Bob! I was looking for a video where EVO detonations show cold-spots on a thermal camera. I think I remember you posting it about a year ago, unless I am thinking of someone else!

You wouldn't have a link for that video, would you? Thanks as usual! Live long and prosper!

o/ o7 o/

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