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This may help date this:

1872-1882 is the date for W. Ladd and Co at Beak St. Note:Williiam Ladd traded under his own name in the 1860s...

From http://waywiser.fas.harvard.edu/people/833/w-ladd--company;jsessionid=1595B7725F7E8997F61962C06F30F026

William Ladd advertised himself in 1869 as a "Scientific Instrument Maker by Appointment to the Royal Institution of Great Britain " who engaged the business of making "scientific instruments of every discription," at his premises at 11 & 12 Beak Street, Regent Street W., London.

William Ladd was succeeded by W. Ladd & Co., which was in turn succeeded by Harvey & Peak, who advertised in 1882 as "Scientific Instrument Manufacturers." Both W. Ladd & Co. and Harvey & Peak listed their premises as 11 & 12 Beak Street.

W. Ladd & Co. is listed as having won a silver medal in the Crystal Palace Electric Exhibition of 1882 "For Early Historical Dynamo Machine."

Just found this: A very interesting book and Catalogue. he was well known for his microscopes it appears too.


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Hi Bob due to complex security reasons I can’t download the substack app it won’t run on the type of hardware that I’m able to use.

I had to leave the lab to even access the Internet which is awfully inconvenient for a number of reasons (— air-gapped systems admins are particularly problematic in this regard and that’s without the paperwork)

So I posted this in my sub stack I don’t know if you can read it so I’ll post it here too I’m sorry it took me so long to respond but I thought you might find this kind of relevant and interesting granted it’s easy to write the guy off as a crackpot the way that he raves on about certain topics but if you read between the lines and bear in mind that he was extremely secretive definitely to a paranoid degree it’s not impossible to work out what’s really going on— I couldn’t include all the links I wanted to because many have disappeared now— but if you follow these and dig a bit you will find examples of the gas core transformer— in which the HHO gas was ‘ionised’ before being burned — I think there may have been a bit of subterfuge because all of the component pieces point toward the same technology albeit quite a sophisticated expression of it—

apologies if I’m doing this wrong I can’t use the app because I use a custom OS on my phone—

Check out these links, it takes quite a bit of time and study as there is allot to get through however you have the advantage of knowing the process better than the people describing it in the videos—

All the components are present— given the nature of the creation of charge clusters and static charge in general, it’s not difficult to see gas ‘ionisation’ in a somewhat different light-

Apologies for any duplicate links, redundancy in the age of censorship and all that—











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1.20 minutes in Bob. Chris Dunn.

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Hi Bob, as often happens I was driving when this premiered but was able to watch and read chat. I wanted to let you know that the movie where I mention Takaaki Matsumoto, and the filmmakers show the picture of him with his family and a few seconds of the video of the USD micro ball lightning, is now out on Vimeo before being released on Apple and Amazon later this year. https://vimeo.com/ondemand/paranormalbigfoot

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Off topic but a very impressive video. It shows how Brown's Gas implode. He sometimes mentions explode instead of imploding. At the first bottle you see H2 burn and create a blow out of the bottle and then the impolsion of the BG. Use comma and period to see it frame by frame. IMO BG is created when oxygen absorbs ether particles so the oxygen loses its polarity and the water molecule becomes a gas. When it implode it emits the ether particles which perhaps create EVO's. I have taken a screenshot that shows some interesting things. Perhaps it's just some dust.



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Following is a link to a very recent interview with Secrets of Cold War technology author Gerry Vassilatos:


It’s 2 hours long, interesting and very informative - and I recommend it to anyone who wants to know what Tesla was really researching (radiant energy through the aether, NOT wireless electricity) 🙂

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Friedemann Freund https://g.co/kgs/yHPcHN

Chris Dunn is friends with them he is 90 years old. Pressure on rocks product currents. He work for NASA, I wonder if my cousin knows he?

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