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I think I remember something about this in earth space human regarding a test which made the radiation appear with more order using a certain dosimeter

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Bob, here's another excellent article from Ed Lewis where he argues that tornadoes and ball lightning are the same thing. There are lots of examples from trained observers of tornadoes and references to Matsumoto and Shoulder's lab work. This seems to be an archive of the original article so the typesetting is not optimal. Wouldn't be surprised if no one outside our community has followed up on his insights. http://padrak.com/ine/ELEWIS3.html

(Saw the reference here with these disparaging comments about Lewis in this article about electromagnetic nature of tornadoes. Don't miss fig. 32.) http://charles-chandler.org/Geophysics/Tornadoes.php?text=full&images=true&units=imperial

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The geometry of this device looks familiar and is supposedly creating an anti gravity effect, I wonder if adding some magnets as in Joe Parr's research might enhance the effect?


Heres part one as well.....maybe add a few pyramid shapes to the gyro wheels?


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Takes me back to my OCD Ed Leedskalnin days. What a relief to receive this data. Processing, and happy to comment further later on. Cheers.

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Anyone else see the similarity between the Rotary Chamber (Fig 1.) and the UAP (UFO) known as "The Gimbal" ?

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