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Hi bob certain USA Congress men have been drilling dr fauci anyway this is amazing information that you posted today let the dam bust

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Thanks for publishing this - yet another very important voice that is not being broadcast by the large media outlets.

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Hi Bob. I want to put this up top so it's easier to find.

You wrote:

It appears that pretty much the first man-made one infected mice, evolved in mice and managed to jump back to humans.


Did the mouse have a vaccine passport? How did it get from Wuhan to S. Africa?

Same video as you linked in the replies, cued up to the image showing the history of variants.


There are several problems with this theory about the origin. It's the cumulative improbabilities.

1. Jumps to humans. Unlike any other corona virus. Attack mechanism same as HIV. This is also implausible, explained possibly as a person HIV also having covid... before it was covid.

* Possible. Not probable.

2. Jumps from humans to mouse.

* Possible. Not probable.

And where's the mouse? How did it get to S. Africa? Can mice even catch covind-19? That test, I would think, is kind of a no-brainer if we're really looking for answers.

3. While in a mouse (assumed not in humans due to lack of history), it mutates at 3 times the average mutation rate for this kind of virus.

* Possible. Not probable.

4. Jumps back to humans.

* Possible. Not probable.

The way this works is that possibilities multiply. These are all pretty unlikely, but as we multiply them together the *improbability* of this narrative being believable is:

Even "possible" the the 4th power is a slim chance but this is "improbable" to the 4th power.

And that's assuming the virus origin is in Wuhan in the first place, which is also as improbable as the alpha strain having so many origins in the epidemiology chart cued up at the video.

But this is the BIG problem.

Time Will Tell? - Time Has Spoken (my attempt at a time line, also has a graphic representation link).


The time line starts with Ft. Detrick lab getting shut down for 8 months in 2018 for breach of safety protocols and ends with the US having 1/3rd of the entire world's covid but there are many interesting dot connections along the way.

Possible. But is it probable? There are no cumulative improbabilities in the time line. Every link can be verified.


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A parasites does not advance its interests by killing its host. For if the host dies so does the parasite. Invariably, a process of natural selection will transform a virulent killer virus over time into a benign form. But this process of parasitic transformation takes time and lives.

But in a modern state, people do not want to die, so if the politicians say that herd immunity is to be achieved at the cost of millions of deaths, the populus rebels. This is why Trump was not reelected. His policy was to let nature take its deadly course. A new more politically acceptable policy is now in place. Yet there still exists a hero segment of the population that chooses to expose themselves to the ravages of herd immunity and to make the sacrifices necessary to convert the virus into a more benign form by giving up their lives and health for the good of the whole.

Over these years, it now looks like the virus is reaching this more benign and sustainable form. The waves of death and sickness that have occured have been caused by waves of mutations as natural selection refashioned the virus into a non deadly state. We who now survive should thank those who have given up their bodies and their health as the workshop of natural selection so that the race can continue on in confort.

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