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When I worked on reproducing these a year ago, I was perplexing that the "strange radiation" tracks looked EXACTLY the same as rubbing dust along the DVD.

Simple Russian brilliance to try supposing they are the same.

But now I am not convinced we need LENR reactions to produce this.

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Thanks for sharing this, Bob. Did you know that in 1895 the theosophists Annie Besant and Charles Leadbetter together conducted a clairvoyant exercise in which they claim to have seen a toroidal flowing object they called the 'Anu'? Their psychic discovery anticipated that of Joseph Larmor into the spin of sub-atomic particles, which has since formed the basis for MRI technologies.

One of the properties the two theosophists 'saw' when studying the Anu was a "regular pulsation" of radiation, which has yet to be identified through more conventionally empirical methods. I do wonder if this actually may have been strange radiation?

Would you be happy for me to use some of the illustrations from the pdf linked to this email? I will, of course, provide full attribution.

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11.30 min Bob for a minute wealth the listen. Great pyramid iron, nickel and gold in it. boom hit it on the nail.

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Something interesting on Perth northern beach area


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