May 5, 2022 • 24M

The Bagel Game

V.E. Zhvirblis

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Bob Greenyer
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You can download a high-quality printable English pdf from here.

Original Russian document can be downloaded here.

A read-through and discussion about the now translated Soviet-era energetics research article "The Bagel Game", its sound theory and the implications now we have shown physical proof in a range of systems.

LIVESTREAM aired 4 May 2022, 22:30 CET

UPDATE: 5 May 2022

I have found the 1993 SuperSuperTor field structure proof paper and hope to publish a translation ASAP.

Electromagnetic fields of current structures


Current structures of various complexity are often used as nodes in all kinds of electronic circuits. Each of such structures, powered by alternating current, creates an electromagnetic field in the surrounding space with a characteristic configuration reflecting the features of the emitting structure. Reference books usually provide expressions for the field of a dipole or, at best, for a ring with a current. There are no formulas for fields of current structures of higher order, although these fields are very interesting in their own right.

The interest is due to the fact that, among other reasons, as follows from a number of observations, these fields are biologically active. A probable reason for the activity may be the correspondence between the chiral characteristics of the electromagnetic field and the macromolecules of living matter [1]. 


Thus, systems composed of elementary current structures are expected to have non-obvious properties both with respect to their own functioning and with respect to radiation, and this makes them an interesting object for theoretical and experimental research.