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I left this comment on the live chat for the video but will repeat it here, elements with numbers (or anything that represents such numbers) act as capacitors of aetheric energy, these numbers are 6, 12, 20, 30, 42, 56, 72 etc. So Carbon, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Molybdenum (energy is more effectively trapped in it though) , Barium. If you didn't see the pattern, it is 2x3, 3x4, 4x5, 5x6 and so on.

If you add the square and the odd number then you can create 3 numbers that will feed into this, the first example is 3 9 6, you have 3x2=6 and 3x3=9 so you have a square and an "almost square". The next is 3x4=12, the odd number gives best results so 3 16 12.. Les Brown did an experiment where Zinc built up energy till it transmuted to Calcium if he continued it stopped at Aluminum as 13 doesn't built up energy,. Both Sweet and another dude who used a Barium crystal found Barium key to Free Energy, many other examples show Carbon being important. Copper 29 also puts energy into Zinc 30 and this is why Copper is beneficial in electro-culture and Copper bracelets are beneficial to human health! So using the number below also we can have for example 29, 30 with 5 and 36. If you are sensitive to energy you can make representations of these numbers and energy can be felt especially if laid out correctly. BTW 7 (Nitrogen) takes energy from Carbon 6 and feeds it to Oxygen,. So there is an energy cycle going on. https://youtu.be/wM21geOzyj8?t=2375

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Bob, a must see. Ever seen plasmadrilling? https://youtu.be/_x82guNerYk?si=dNLynpCf31pddfyE

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Just now had time to watch the presentation at 1.5 speed, and I can’t avoid thinking this is probably easier to adopt than other alternatives, specially in the sense of being adaptable to ICEs, but then we have had possibility of using this same phenomena since long only not so easy to integrate. The work of Santilli with his magnegas, wether one think his theory is right or not, is basically the same only that one needs to store the gas coming from

the plasma arc reactor and then using it as fuel to realize the energy gain. I sustain this could also be used to transform any carbon rich liquid into fuel, but mostly sewage or bovine purines (the liquid mixture of cow manure and pee) to make carbon negative (thus possible to obtain carbon credits) fuel for ICEs and also carbon negative bovine meat and dairy production, turning the whole net zero scam on its head.

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Hello. Sorry I was a bit confused yesterday, was the thunderstorm technology referred to yesterday the “cloudbuster” technology?

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Bearden claimed that EM can affect the vacuum, light is 99.9999% empty space and so if matter affects this phenomena it is primarily sure to be affected by electromagnetic flux, remember light can cut through steel. So if a design is suitable, an image could work to some extent. Next we can ask if "Chi" can be tangible, and we find ample claims that the energy is indeed felt. So then can you feel energy from a well designed circuit burnt into the aether by light? Well give it a shot! https://ibb.co/WcGyt4n Just put your hand infront of the image 🤚, you might begin to feel some sensation. The more you expose your hand to the energy the more opacity you have to the energy and the more that hand will feel the energy.

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My birthday every 9/22 always holds intersections that I can see coming. Somewhat more highly synchronistic and I hear and feel at a higher level. As in always a more revved up state. I thought maybe that "thing" will happen as it seems to, and life went on as normal as it does. But turns out it was another one: You went over the HCNO on Sunday, and answered my question about speaking with RC in the positive. At the same time in live chat Geomatrix333 sic confirmed RC's full engagement with MB. You had spoken carefully and helped clarify MB's work. Monday arrived. As I opened my birthday gift "The Art of the Picts" (I saw this book briefly when an Picts expert on YT showed the book he uses: Thames and Hudson) -- I happened to tune into RC on KONCRETE speaking to the MB work. KONCRETE was gobsmacked as RC laid it out. This all into one long weekend, F-M. Now, as I write, I listen to Russell Brand as he lays out the latest Meta-ethical analysis. I think we are all STARTING to know what to do. Peace Cheers Onward.

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Hey Bob,

Can we get the link to that video please.

Thank you.

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