Jul 2, 2023Liked by Bob Greenyer

I understand better here. I listened to your Pyramid talk on the Fleischman project. I understand you need to be more technical on the other Fleischman talks. I am a biologist that also left the biomedical world for the same reasons as you.... I would love to understand more, but frankly do not really understand how to start.... Were can I see the experiments for 5-year olds? Were do I find the confusing explanations for LENR, and such in the best way? Where to start? I am not an engineer, but have some science bakground and I am - as many I am sure - so angry about all years of lies in schools and Universities. I have also a degree in theology, and the lies in this field are not less, I can assure you. Very interesting to see your take on the armenian and other antiquities. Thank you for your work.

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