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My partner is a retired "health physicist" also known as a nuclear physicist.

He spent his life cleaning up nuclear waste all over the place, he can't talk about most of it but I know he worked on Rocky Flats.

I asked him why he thinks people are ignoring this technology for Fukushima.

He said it is because there is SO MUCH public scrutiny of this project along with so much funding that using a new technology would basically be completely ignored.

"It makes sense scientifically, but would not make sense to the public, one way to possibly get your foot in the door would be to demonstrate the technology works on a few smaller real world projects first and THEN they would likely be desperate to use this technology. For a project this large that the public is aware of lab results alone will never be taken seriously."

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I think the proposal is wonderful, safe, effective. The only problem is they won’t believe it works.

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pique (one's) interest To cause one to become interested in or captivated by something; to arouse one's interest.

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Will try to don’t miss this one.

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Hi bob hope alls well I’ll look this over soon

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I see your data over at EcatWorld on ARPA's "considering" an FOA. Fascinating. How can I, Joe Layman understand more about LENR than POTUS or Musk, for that matter? Bob Greenyer, that's how! Peace Cheers Onward!

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